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    Lee Morrison: Fear control set


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    Lee Morrison: Fear control set Empty Lee Morrison: Fear control set

    Post by D.Hughes on Sat Jun 21, 2008 7:13 pm

    i recently purchased this 2 disc (soon to be 3 disc) set from Lee's site, and i must admit, it turned out to be one of the, if not the best purchase i have made on any RBSD material.
    absolutely jam packed with info about fear control, accessing states, managing all different aspects of combat, from adrenaline to fatigue. ways to train these aspects etc included.

    i would definately reccomend this set to anyone and everyone interested in RBSD. its quite simply a must have in my opinion. cant wait for the third and final dvd of the set to be released!

    i did originally wonder why the second dvd (access and management of combative state) was 7 more expensive than the first. dont worry, the second dvd is twice as long as the first, and the info is twice as juicy. well worth the spends me thinks.

    video: 8/10
    audio: 7/10 (a lot of echo. easy to understand, but could have been better)
    content: 10/10
    value for money: 9/10 (would have got 10, but i didnt want Lee to get too excited Razz )

    overall: 9/10

    thats based on the set by the way. i dont believe one would be as good without the other. if your going to buy one, buy both. they are very complimentary as a set.


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