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    Post by Guest on Mon Jun 23, 2008 11:15 am

    Hey Guys

    I hope everyone is well, and I have been catching up on some posts on here, and thought it about time to post something once again ( yes i know, but bear with me ).

    As some of you may know, I am back training with Geoff again for another six months. [Big Grin] This was due to the fact, that I myself want to continue my training, not just for physical stuff in self defence, but developing as a person, as a human being and being able to grow along with my surroundings and the environment I live in.

    Many things are said to be set in stone, how we live, what we do with our lives, the jobs we are apparently destined to do, and what we can or cannot achieve in this short sojurn on this splinning planet. HOWEVER....

    Since I have been waking up in the morning with a more positive outlook on life, and knowing that the fear I hold inside is NOT always to do with being afraid to do something, but fear of failing, Hell ill try anything once, unless it means something which is likely to change my life, for the better but bear with me.

    I am sure you have read Geoffs newsletters about certain tribes, traditions, with circles in the sand and not being able to exit it of your own free will. I can totally relate to this, but it is a mental thing. Once you make the decision to step through this circle which has been drawn, ( be it by others, or yourself ) then life suddenly expands beyond your wildest imagination. you can see all these possibilities in front of you, which before were pipe dreams, now you know, if you can reach one, you can reach another, WHEN you reach that one, then there is another level to step up to, more people to meet, more things to do, and more realities you can access.

    This will include personal life also, not just business, but your relationship with your wife, partner, kids, family, friends, everything. you suddenly can see that we are just human beings, but we are great human beings, opponents stop being antagonistic megalomanics, and they become human, with families, kids, wives, a mother and father, and we no longer want to hurt them, but will do everything we can to try and help, not injure.

    We suddenly find time to listen to others, no matter how their day has been or what has happened. everything changes, and changes in the way which YOU specify, no one else.

    everyone says the phrase " pot and kettle ", why is this? because we mimic what others do? we work with someone in the same job for 20 yrs and all you ever do is talk about what you WOULD do if you had the chance?

    Guys the chance is now, right in front of you and right under your nose, follow the rat race by all means, we all need a job and we all have bills to pay, but at least be happy with WHO you are and KNOW that anything, and i mean ANYTHING is NOT beyond your reach, and if you so desire is there for the taking.

    Mentally it can be hard, hell, if it was easy we would all being doing it. and just like rumi's Chick Pea, we if we decide to can be made sweeter, and the life we desire to have, and the person we wish to be, is one decision away, and many small steps to make it happen.

    In short guys, I like sharing these thoughts, mainly because they help others, and they show people that if I can do it, anyone can. I am by no means settled with what I am doing, or where I want to be, but I am on the road, scaring myself stupid. but for the better.

    Join the race guys, " be a night traveler" and experience all that life has to offer. make everything you do exceptional. and show yourself and others the way.

    God Bless
    Alan Macdonald
    Alan Macdonald

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    Post by Alan Macdonald on Mon Jun 23, 2008 9:25 pm

    Nice post mate. All I can add to that is my own penny worth in that I think a lot of the fear comes from not just the fear itself, as thats too simple, but a fear of the struggle to survive in an increasingly ambitious world. Society makes us feel like failures and bombards us with publicity of this high earner, that 100K a week footballer etc and most of it is so unrealistic. We need an objective and a focus. If there is one thing I hold onto most it is the knowledge or conviction that it doesnt matter what happens in the normal run of life, you WILL survive. And after all life itself is the most important thing.

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    Post by Guest on Mon Jun 23, 2008 9:41 pm

    Crackin Alan

    Cheers for that mate, absolutely spot on.
    We WILL survive the norm, and will also have a better shot at the extra ordinary also. Bring on the journey


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