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    UK law on self defence... Above sticky...


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    UK law on self defence... Above sticky... Empty UK law on self defence... Above sticky...

    Post by Griffin on Tue Sep 22, 2009 1:29 pm

    I've just read with interest the above post regarding the law in the UK regarding self defense, especially Al's comments on using force to arrest someone later found innocent..

    my understanding, from personnal experience is, as long as you have acted correctly, the end result in court doesn't matter...

    Where you will go wrong is if you arrested someone illegaly...

    An example I can give is some years ago a store detective employed by a large (now ceased trading..) high steet chain of stores, was told by a sale assistant that a customer had stolen something. The store detective went after said customer and attempted to detain them... The customer resisted and the store 'tec used force to hold the individual until the police arrived. It was discovered that the customer had not stolen anything and the sales assistant had made a mistake. The store 'tec was arrested for assault..

    I have, in the past arrested someone, using force who has been found innocent, but as I had 'grounds to suspect' there was no charge for me to answer..

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