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    Post by Guest on Mon Jun 23, 2008 11:20 am

    Well.. I have not wrote in a while so lets see what happens.

    I sat thinking the other day, while I watched my kids playing around without a care in the world, and was instantly transported back to being their age, and how I used to look at the world. Thought I had all these cares, hassles, and the world owed me something. Do what I wanted and get away with murder. My kids were doing nothing major, just laughing and joking around playing tig. to me it seemed nothing major, but they were in hysterics laughing.

    Me sat with my cuppa, wondering which bills were coming next, when, how much it would be. What time I had to be in the gym for a client. what I would have for tea, etc etc etc and all they cared about was trying to catch their brother. I thought " god I wish my life was that simple "

    pondered as ya do, when i realised my life is as simple or as complicated as I wish it to be, I only take crap from people if I LET them give it. I only LET things get me down it does not just automatically happen. We do so many things on a subconscious level, that we are not aware of them until we feel the fear, anxiety, trepidation, or whatever it is, and then we get so P***ed off because we feel that way, that we end up taking it out on others, and its something we CAN control.

    Have you ever noticed if you pass someone in the street, unless you are switched on and they look a little dodgy, they ask you for the time, you automatially look at your watch, I have done this and I was not even wearing one (work that one out). I was so accustomed to doing things like this automatically I just didnt think.

    I guess what I am trying to say is, so many of us plod around day to day, feeling s**t, depressed, miserable, sad, angry, or feeling this is our lot. Why is it that we never seem to get off our backside and do something constructive. Not for the glory, cash, or prestige of who we are or want to be, but just because we can make a difference to another persons life. Heaven forbid, and maybe just maybe to our own.

    I was talking to someone a while ago who wanted to do self defence, When I asked what for, it was not for the fact they lived in a rough area, in fact they never had a fight in their life. It was something to make them feel better about themself, My teaching to them was to sit and listen, nothing more nothing less. They waffled, rambled, bitched, moaned and then said " why are you not offering advice?"

    I replied, well, there is not alot i can say, you have already made up your mind that your life is crap, and is going to stay crap. In order to learn, and progress, not just in self, defence, but in life. You have to be willing to listen to the teachings of others, and then apply what works for you. No one else, just you. YOU take control. YOU decide where your life is going, and NOT take the opinions of people who say you will never do more than work in a factory, flip burgers or clean toilets. ( this i am not knocking by the way as it pays the bills ).

    This person looked astounded, and said they had never looked at life this way, they just figured this is what they were to do. and thought themself to lowly to do anything more let alone be successful.

    In ending I say this.

    Life is a choice, we choose to be happy, we choose to be sad, we choose to clean factory floors.

    get off your backside and show this world that we are destined to be happy, successful, and that we are capable of more than just being dictated to by others.

    When you see everyone walking away from things, these are the people who follow. dont follow guys, lead, lead the way and shine that light to show everyone that anything is possible.

    Fly high, and choose to live, not just bloody exist.


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