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    Restriction training by Al Peasland

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    Restriction training by Al Peasland Empty Restriction training by Al Peasland

    Post by Nick Engelen on Thu Jan 21, 2010 12:20 am

    This DVD is the third DVD by Alan Peasland and follows on from the DVDs Fence concepts and Effective pre-emptive strike. The first two DVDís were superb and it seems Al picks up momentum with this one.
    The DVD starts off with a short intro by Al. Al explains that we restrict our training to develop power. To quote Alís mentor and brother in law Geoff Thompson, the gold is in the shit, itís about finding growth within discomfort.
    After this Al goes into the different ways to restrict sections of techniques and or body mechanics.
    Al starts with limiting the body mechanics from the hip up and shows how this is done with various drills like putting people literally with the back to the wall. Various other drills follow from this limiting body mechanics.
    When you learn to develop power while being restricted even more power can be developed when being restriction free. To show this Al shows a drill whereby the performer cycles quickly trough all the restrictive positions ending on his feet without restrictions and the results are visible.
    Next Al discusses other ways of restriction like restricting time and energy or sparring while being limited to only one technique or grappling blindfolded.
    Next Al shows a nice analogy with real life and brings the message that instead of looking at a restriction and moan about it itís sometimes useful to look into that restriction and see how you can grow from it and or exploit it.
    As a bonus we get to see an interview with Al discussing the subject of restriction some more. Although following on from the previous DVD this DVD can be watched as a standalone. Also the background music is very nice.
    In short this DVD is informative and a must for every martial artist interested in developing power in striking.

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