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    Effective preemptive strike by Alan Peasland

    Nick Engelen

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    Effective preemptive strike by Alan Peasland Empty Effective preemptive strike by Alan Peasland

    Post by Nick Engelen on Thu Jan 21, 2010 12:22 am

    This DVD is the second DVD by the charismatic Alan Peasland and follows on from the DVD Fence concepts.
    The DVD starts off with a short intro by Al about what a preemptive strike is and why you do it. Then answers are simple: What preemptive striking is about is being first and why you do it is to end the fight.
    After this Al goes into the different things that constitute an effective pre-emptive strike.
    After discussing these different principles Al looks into the anatomy of the knock out and the different targets. Then we get a look at the body mechanics of the strikes we employ to enquire this knock out effect. In this section Al discusses a variety of techniques and explains the pro- and contra of each, giving the viewer a good idea of what to use for reality.
    During the DVD we see people train at the different techniques using the different weapons. Also Al makes lots of analogies between life and martial arts like pro-activeness which can be applied to every area of life.
    As a bonus we get to see an interview with Al discussing the subject of pre-emptive strikes and the choice of technique some more. Although following on from the previous DVD this DVD can be watched as a standalone.
    In short this DVD is informative and a must for every martial artist interested in self-defense.

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