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    29th May 2010 Combat Grappling

    Jamie Clubb
    Jamie Clubb

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    29th May 2010 Combat Grappling Empty 29th May 2010 Combat Grappling

    Post by Jamie Clubb on Thu Apr 29, 2010 6:26 pm

    An introduction to CCMA’s combat grappling programme. This informal workshop will include:

    grappling for MMA
    grappling for strikers
    high percentage submissions
    CCMA Process

    Jamie Clubb has extensive experience in the martial arts and especially self defence systems – having self defence instructor qualifications personally awarded to him by Geoff (“Watch My Back”/”Clubbbed”) Thompson and Mo (“Danny Dyer’s Deadliest Men”) Teague among others, including a British Combat Association and Martial Arts Standards Agency instructor qualifications.

    in addition to strike-based martial arts instructor qualifications (muay Thai, kickboxing and so on) Jamie’s grappling experience is as follows:

    2004-2010 Gracie Barra Brazilian jiu jitsu/submission grappling under Braulio Estima (several times world champion in gi and no gi tournaments)

    2004-2006 personal student under Matty Evans (5th dan the Real Combat Method under Geoff Thompson)

    2003-2004 Dentokan ju jutsu

    Plus years of cross training in wrestling, judo and combat grappling.


    Price: £20 per person – group rates available

    Contact to secure your place

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