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    Revised law on "one punch" deaths

    Michael W Wright
    Michael W Wright

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    Revised law on "one punch" deaths Empty Revised law on "one punch" deaths

    Post by Michael W Wright on Wed Jun 09, 2010 12:44 pm


    Apologies if you have seen this, it was brought to my attention today.

    Given the primary strategy for many of us is, ideally, a KO from the first strike - I think this is something to at least be aware of:
    Jamie Clubb
    Jamie Clubb

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    Revised law on "one punch" deaths Empty Re: Revised law on "one punch" deaths

    Post by Jamie Clubb on Wed Jun 09, 2010 1:18 pm

    Thanks for posting this, Michael. It is, of course, very relevent for us and I will be drawing attention to it. As a personal sidenote, my great-great grandfather, a prize fighter, was killed this way after his professional fight. The man responsible was convicted for manslaughter and served a jail term.

    Having said this, we should resist a knee-jerk reaction. Here is the quote from the Lord Judge: The manslaughter cases with which we are concerned involved gratuitous, unprovoked violence in the streets of the kind which seriously discourages law-abiding citizens from walking their streets, particularly at night, and gives the city and town centres over to the kind of drunken yobbery with which we have become familiar, and a worried perception among decent citizens that it is not safe to walk the streets at night.

    Again, I urge all self defence/self protection teachers who instruct in the UK to have this book in their armoury. this book

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