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    Congrats to AL 'Little Dragon' Peasland


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    Congrats to AL 'Little Dragon' Peasland Empty Congrats to AL 'Little Dragon' Peasland

    Post by adamuk on Tue Jul 06, 2010 4:41 pm

    Just read the newsletter and Al has been awarded his instructor grade under Terry Barnett in JKD, FMA, Muay Thai, etc.

    Well done Al.
    Looking forward to picking your brains on more FMA stuff with regard to street application.

    Did you also cover any Silat?
    Being one of the few systems with forms in the JKD Concept curriculum how did you enjoy it?
    I understand you did forms with your karate background but having trained more recently in what we call the ALIVE or combat/sport arts how do you feel it silat slotted in?

    Congrats again mate.


    Al Peasland
    Al Peasland

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    Congrats to AL 'Little Dragon' Peasland Empty Re: Congrats to AL 'Little Dragon' Peasland

    Post by Al Peasland on Wed Jul 07, 2010 10:55 am

    Hi Adam

    Many thanks.
    So you're the one who reads my fortnightly newsletter then Laughing

    I'm afraid I haven't really covered any silat, other than the odd technique here and there on seminars, etc.
    Mick has more background in that than me
    So I am not familiar with the forms you mention.

    I did, however, spend many years in Shotokan Karate and studied all of the kata's required for the grading syllabus up to the grades I reached, and I think they are an excellent part of the art.

    Speak with Iain Abernethey if you want to know more about how to translate the kata's into a "real" environment

    For me - there's loads to be gained from studying kata's, including, fitness, balance, timing, technique repetoir, technique combinations, memory training, developing learning strategies and best practices, repetition, focus, concentration, the list goes on.

    I wrote about this in MAI a few months ago - "Kiai - it's worth shouting about" - and I think that is probably the most important thing to be gained from Kata in terms how the most directly applicable technique from dojo to the street.
    Being able to Kiai on demand with honest emotive aggression and intent behind the "shout", and then being able to turn that back off instantly before the next technique in the form, is something which will work exactly the same outside.
    It needs very little modification or adaption for a street environment.

    Working an Aggressive Fence is the same as Kiai'ing in a kata - and a great lesson in learning to control your emotions and attitude for any given situation.

    I'm sure one or two others on here could comment more on the Silat art though Wink

    Cheers again mate - appreciate it


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