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    Something from a while ago


    Something from a while ago Empty Something from a while ago

    Post by Guest on Wed Jun 25, 2008 4:28 pm

    Hey guys this was something I wrote a while ago when I started this journey and wondered where I was going. I hope it makes sense and that you all take something from it.

    As per usual I am sat here at the comp, the cushion under my glutius minimus molded to the shape of my left butt cheek as I sit slanted with me brew, wondering what is going to come of it, so here goes.

    I have Geoff say from day one in class, "the intention you put out today, creates the way you want to live tomorrow ". I thought for a while, at what he meant, intention, intention, I thought. What the hell do I intend for myself?

    To be happy? Rich? big house? butler, my little friend sat in the front seat of my Merc SLK driving me around? well it would be nice, and maybe one day but nahhhhhhhhhh.

    So I thought about going out and passing on this knowledge I had been learning from Geoff and the other people in my life who I learn from, not just the physical, but the spiritual side, the side that helps us to fulfill our dreams. The more I thought, the more I wanted to do it, not for the cash, or the prestige, but for the fact I am happy learning, and I can learn as much from other people, which may not be physical but everyone has stories to tell.

    Anyway..... First I thought about what id teach, talked to instructors, old and new, bounced ideas around, now one of them wants to help out, spoke to people who asked me if they could have a business card or two, nothing major I thought, until, word spread, and now I have people wanting me for trade accounts for martial arts equipment, people wanting to know where and when i shall be teaching, what ill be teaching. I must admit I never made any huge steps to make this happen, but just seemed to come into contact with the right people. Each day I get up out of bed, there is more to work out, more to plan, and I am happy doing it, the more I intend the more it seems to flow.

    I have a good friend who wanted to get into property, ( no not just walking into his home and sticking the tv on ) ya know, buying it, renting it, he made a few calls and checked the internet as you do with a brew late at night, and came across a bargain, in egypt as his dad wanted to move abroad, next thing he knows, he places a deposit on it, ok he thought no big deal. The more his thoughts progressed into doing this field, he can e-mails, phone calls, out of the blue from people who had recommended him from him checking out their property, within 2 month, he now has deposits on 3 brand new properties, 2 in egypt and one in Cyprus. Then low and behold he says id love to live in Aussie Land. next thing he knows, an offer comes from there also.

    it seems to me we all work day to day with blinkers on, if half the people we meet asked us how our day at work was, we would say " shit " and not be able to remember half the shit we got up to at work. Why not live the life we want? explore the hobby which scares the brown stuff from us?

    Who are we NOT to be happy in what we do, sure we have bills, wives, kids, mortgages, but does that mean we should not experience all life has to offer? I dont think so.

    What I now realise, is that if we INTEND to be happy, to be how we want, live how we want, date who we want, work the job we want etc. we can. everything will come together for us. yes it means work, but working for that which we believe in.

    I for one dont know where this is heading, but all I know is, we are far more than we give ourselves credit for. I read a post on here called the proper flow of things, which I can totally relate to, this just seems to follow it on.

    Intend what you want, and want what you intend to do.

    Be all that you wish, hope and dream for, for tomorrow is another day where your dream awaits, grab the dream, keep a grip, and live the life we all deserve.


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