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    Post by Guest on Wed Jun 25, 2008 4:43 pm

    Hey All...

    Just something I thought I would share with you which had happened last year while out minding my own business.

    Some of you guys may have seen it from the bohemian cafe but for those of you who havent.

    it has Been one week since I qualified on my course with Geoff, and had one incident yesterday which was kinda thought provoking for me.

    I was in town, picking up some local bits and pieces as you do on the weekends, when playing my awareness games to keep myself switched on, I notice two guys about to throw knuckles at each other. not in my close proximity but close enough to warrant their prescence. I glance over at someone who is past them, ( kinda behind as i thought it was someone i knew ) when this wookie with less communication skills then chewbacca comes running over asking in his language " wtf are you looking at D**khead "

    Nice guy I thought, maybe he not talking to me, erm no no he definately was, as he pointed out my attire i had on that day and gave his critique, which i duely noted, as ya do, with a silent thought which says, " coming from you? the man in is dressed head to toe in burberry, " The guy looked like he was wearing a make shift track suit which his mother had made from the plaid curtains in his living room".

    My bags went down, fence went up, " very inconspicuously i may add just as taught and practiced "

    he is 1 min mouthing off, when he touched it ONCE... oh no i thought, Touch it once more and this wont be pretty for either of us. All i heard was geoff ringing in my ears, if there is a way NOT to fight, do it.

    This guy slated everything about me, my heritage, parentage, looks, clothing, u name it he covered it. I would have retaliated with some questions about his, but since local zoo's had obviously some exotic, anthrapoligical weird new species get loose, i thought better of his communication skills.

    besides the fact, was on the tip of my tongue to tell him that with a face like his, somewhere there was a babboon wanting its fecking arse back. ( again, thought against it, )

    ANYWAY.... after asking me if i was a coward, and telling me i did not want a piece of him. something clicked. and it wasnt my fist on his jaw. it was the fact, that if i hit this person, and fully unloaded what would the consequences be. he had touched the fence once, and didnt come close again, but never the less, i told him how i didnt want to fight, and i never had a problem with him. and managed to walk away.

    this was weird in a way, because after all the insults, and personal indignations, i knew he could go home and brag about what he said, but i had the satisfaction in NOT hurting another human being or whatever he purported to be on this particular day

    a very satisfactory feeling even with all the insults thrown in, which at the time i did take personally lol.

    anyway, just wanted to share... nothing major.

    but have realised, fighting is a mugs game, and if this man can gloat, so be it, i left with pride intact, and an inside chuckle that said " you win either way, you win, your safe, and he is left looking in his own world for other satisfaction.

    Ultimately I made the choice to walk away, and back off and he took the option given to him which was of no consequence to me as neither of us came off worst. only My ego for like 10 minutes while I mulled over his insults. Another quick coffee and a donut and all was right with the world again for another day.


    Very Happy

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