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    Hello From Exeter



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    Hello From Exeter

    Post by mattsylvester on Mon Jun 16, 2008 1:23 am

    Hi all,

    My name is Matthew Sylvester.

    I'm currently Features Editor for Combat magazine, part-time doorman and I'll soon be opening up a martial arts school in Exeter, Devon.

    My ma background consists of starting Taekwondo back in April 1991, meeting Prof. Rick Clark in November 1995 and getting involved in pressure points, training with Phil Cawood of Kempo Ryu Karate Kickboxing.

    I have trained with Jim Wagner, Lee Sansum, Vadim Kolganov, Roger Brooking, Jonny Black, Danny Guba, Pat O'Malley, Rhee Ki Ha, Ken Tucker, Mark Ogborne, Ray Gayle and Iain Abernethy.

    I hold 3 black belts in Taekwondo, Aikoushin Kubojutsu and Ao Denkou Jitsu, and I'm an instructor in Family Awareness Safety Training and Jim Wagner's Reality Based Personal Protection. I'm also UK Advisor for the latter.

    My slant is towards techniques that can be learnt easily, applied easily and which anyone can do, using pressure points where possible but relying on good technique and delivery to get the job done whether or not the points actually work.

    My main websites are;


    Re: Hello From Exeter

    Post by Guest on Mon Jun 16, 2008 1:31 am

    Hi Matthew

    Great to have you on board, A nice resume you have there
    I look forward to hearing more from you in the near future in your posts
    and replies I am sure with all your training you will be a great asset to this board.

    Welcome and thanks for coming.


    Al Peasland

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    Re: Hello From Exeter

    Post by Al Peasland on Mon Jun 16, 2008 10:54 am

    Hi Matthew,

    Nice to have you here mate.

    Have sent you a PM



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    Re: Hello From Exeter

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