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    Hi my names is Dave and i am a recovering positive ; )

    Dave Stanswood

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    Hi my names is Dave and i am a recovering positive ; )

    Post by Dave Stanswood on Mon Jun 16, 2008 11:51 am

    Sorry could not resist.
    My name is Dave i am 37yrs old i have been in and around the arts for roughly 24yrs. Starting with shotokan karate under the Mick Dewey banner down in portsmouth. Stayed with that for 6-7 yrs, then i started with wing chun at 18 yrs old for 2-3 yrs absolutely loved it and the instructor had a realistic slant on it. I then dabbled with other bits and pieces until my late 20's which is when i came across Wing Tsun and Latosa escrima. I stayed there until the politics killed the love for what i did. Over the last couple of years i have trained with GT through his masterclass and loved it he rekindled the passion i have for training. I have also met and trained with Den Martin, Lee Morrison and loved there slant on things as well.

    I do train and enjoy the reality side of the MA but i still love the traditional side in a geeky kind of way. I became totaly immersed in Wing Tsun both empty hand and the weapons as well as the wooden dummy. I gained a technician grade with WT and i also spent nearly 3yrs being taught how to teach the 12 student grades leading up to there black belt. I spent some time in europe training with several masters of the system and i ramped up my training regime until it became unhealthy. My skill level did rise quickly but it did become negative in the end. Having met and been battered by Sigung Keith Kernspecht and Sigung Leung Ting i became aware of how effective WT can become. But it takes years and years before it is workable in a live situation. Sigung Keith Kernspecht was also an awesome grappler and made me realise how dangerous the proper old fashioned wrestlers would be to face.
    I dabbled with escrima with Steve Tappin and Bill Newman and loved the sticks great stuff.
    During my time with WT i was fortunate to train with one of the instructors for the german GSG9 who introduced the principles of WT into combat scenarios. Very heavy very hard sessions but bloody good fun but had to stop when he broke his back falling out of a helicopter.

    That's about it folks i still have a few people to visit and train with before im done and i look forward to reading your posts.

    Dave Stanswood Very Happy
    Al Peasland

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    Re: Hi my names is Dave and i am a recovering positive ; )

    Post by Al Peasland on Mon Jun 16, 2008 11:59 am

    Hi Dave

    Great to have you on board mate

    Look forward to the positive posts ;-)

    Take care

    AL cheers


    Re: Hi my names is Dave and i am a recovering positive ; )

    Post by Guest on Mon Jun 16, 2008 12:17 pm

    Yo Dave

    Welcome to our little place of positivity, fun and well god knows what else really. Very nice to have you on board, been working on this place for two days solid with a friend of mine lol.

    Look forward to your posts mate. Espcially the positive ones. Cool


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    Re: Hi my names is Dave and i am a recovering positive ; )

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