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    Lee Morrison's Last Resort Empty Lee Morrison's Last Resort

    Post by Richard Grannon on Tue Sep 16, 2008 12:14 am

    Ive just watched DVD 1 of Lee Morrison's series called "Last Resort"

    my review? "fooken brilliant!" Very Happy

    Seriously, it takes a lot to impress me on the DVD front having tried to wade through hours of some truly dreadful pap in my short time on planet "self protection".

    The pace is good, the presentation is clear, there are tasty/nasty concepts and drills aplenty but the greatest thing is that at its core is the skilful application of visceral, viscious violence delivered with heart and intent. Beautiful.

    I love this DVD I do...

    ...I'll stop now as Im turning myself on.

    Thanks to Lee for making it and for sending me a copy, I will do a proper grownups review for public consumption when ive had a proper watch (its a 5 DVD set) otherwise my testimonial will be worth nought:

    "The violence in this DVD made my pants feel tight."
    Richard Grannon
    cheif instructor

    Seriously, seriously: DVD 1 is all about applying the nasty at the grabby pushy range and its full of great stuff.

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