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    Deane Lawler DVD


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    Deane Lawler DVD

    Post by Nick on Sat Sep 27, 2008 9:43 am

    Just giving you all the heads-up & thought you all might be interested.

    Deane Lawler's new DVD is out now for purchase.

    further enquires pls follow link Deane Lawlers DVD


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    Re: Deane Lawler DVD

    Post by D.Hughes on Sat Sep 27, 2008 5:22 pm

    thanks for the news Nick.
    id just like to take this opportunity to ask everybody posting images within this section to please resize them.
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    Thanks all Very Happy

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    Re: Deane Lawler DVD

    Post by jimmyfatwing on Sun Oct 12, 2008 11:00 pm

    Got myself a copy, it's a good DVD!

    Does Mr Lawler have a website?

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    Re: Deane Lawler DVD

    Post by adamuk on Mon Oct 13, 2008 4:16 pm

    Interesting, Jimmy can you give us a review on the material on these?

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    Re: Deane Lawler DVD

    Post by jimmyfatwing on Mon Oct 13, 2008 11:33 pm

    Just a quickie from others who have seen pls fill in the blanks Wink

    There's a brief interview at the start.
    Some aclimation drills.
    An intro to 'the wedge'.
    The wedge v. unarmed / knife / stick.
    Info on the verbal fence.
    Extra footage from the next seninar in Melbourne.

    Sure i've missed some bits...there's about 2hr of footage on there. It's a good DVD actually and Mr Lawler comes across as a man who knows his stuff and has put it to use, and also a man who's very good working the crowd. It's not one where the voice grates after 5min and you have to turn it off.

    If he came to the UK i'd go check him out, FWIW.

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    Re: Deane Lawler DVD

    Post by jimmyfatwing on Mon Oct 13, 2008 11:50 pm

    A couple of reviews from an Aussie Forum

    Hi guys, here's a quick review of the new R-SULT DVD by Deane Lawler.

    I enjoyed the interview at the start of the DVD . It was not only informative but offered a personal insight into what Deane is trying to get across. This personal insight is something that is missing from the majority of the DVD's I own. Mind you, I think Clive might have aspirations of becoming the next Parkinson. ; )

    What I really like about the DVD is that Deane is not banging on about how good his art is, as most people tend to do. Deane is not showing you his style he is showing you his way of training for violent confrontations. It doesn't matter if you do Tai Chi or Thai boxing the drills and concepts shown are relevant to all.

    There is a fair bit of time spent on Deane's 'Acclimation' drills which are a great way to introduce people to real energy in a realistic, yet safe environment. As frequently communicated in the DVD you need to constantly communicate with your partner to let them know how much force to use, Deane's 'Gradient Training' principles are perfect for this. I also really like the 'reaction' drill which doesn't look like much fun if you're slow and on the receiving end.

    Deane also introduces his 'Wedge' and 'Cross Guard' which are two great concepts. Deane shows you how versatile they are by using then against armed and unarmed attackers. I think they're that good that I have put them into my own syllabus after seeing them in action, as well as a lot of the other drills.

    All of the concepts covered are simple, direct and easy to learn which is exactly what you need for a real confrontation.

    Personally one of the best things I got from the DVD was what Deane refers to as 'Positive Validation'. Simple concept, but definitely needed both in the martial arts and more importantly in life. Deane's comments on 'Positive validation' have prompted me to place even more importance on the individual needs of each and every person attending my classes.

    I have attended two of Deane's seminars in the past and the DVD is a great reminder on how much information is given out and how much is actually missed/forgotten. Whether you do MMA, Tai Chi or are just interested in self defence this DVD will not disappoint. Plus it's only $50, so what you waiting for?

    Also, a big it up going out to Clive for putting in all the effort in getting this onto disc and for all the promoting he is doing for the Australian martial arts scene. keep it up Girdham.

    Jim Armstrong.

    Raw Combatives.

    Here's a quick review of the DVD,
    If you missed the Deane Lawler Rsult's Sydney & Melbourne seminars a couple of months ago.
    Then this is a fantastic way to catch up on what you missed out on, from the comfort of your living room.

    The DVD starts of with Clive interviewing Deane this is a different approach, which i haven't seen on a instructional dvd like this before & works really well.
    Not wanting to give to much away basically a great insight in to the man himself Deane, martial arts, ring sports, self protection, Sydney Rsult seminar etc.

    Its well put together with great use of video camera angles edited in a way where you feel as if your right there attending the same seminar.

    Deane starts by discussing the all important 10 secs of a violent street altercation & then the misconception on what RBSD is about.

    All the drill's in the dvd are designed like a deadly cocktail to produce duress conditions in the attendee; disorientation, fatigue & pain/ discomfort (being hit with a paper stick/ knife lol yes paper sticks produces a lovely stinging feeling) yet all this done in a safe environment.

    Deane's an entertaining bloke, he's honest, straight to the point & tells it how its.

    This is one of those DVD's that you will keep playing over & over again, ideal for beginners & advanced martial artist out there that want to include these type of drills in there current classes.

    Ta Nick

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    Re: Deane Lawler DVD

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