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    solo drills dvd 2

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    solo drills dvd 2 Empty solo drills dvd 2

    Post by Richard Grannon on Tue Oct 14, 2008 1:11 pm


    I just released the second DVD in my SOLO DRILLS series

    Solo Drills DVD 2

    Following on from the first Solo Drills DVD, the sequel focuses on developing and adding to the concepts shown in the first DVD.

    Chapter 1: using NLP Visualisations found in the "Psychology of Violence" CD course and COMBINING them into the "Street Kata" to create a waking SELF HYPNOSIS exercise thats adds depth to a broader range of techniques being applied whilst developing proper combative mindset and emotional intensity.

    Chapter 2: a gross motor movement with Knock Out potential that allows you to build the possibility of preparing for multiples into your solo drills without the drills dissipating into a "threat greed" overload. Links one "Street Kata" to the next allowing you to chain them into an extremely demanding anaerobic workout that develops all your combative attributes both physical and psychological AT THE SAME TIME, with no equipment and very little space required.

    Chapter 3: Combining the original principles and concepts from DVD 1 "Street Kata" with the NLP visualisations and the multiples "Link" movement with strength and fitness workouts. Covering the different intensity and possible ways of drilling the combative elements to fit in with your individual training goals whether they be fitness or strength development orientated.



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