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    instinctive combatives 5


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    instinctive combatives 5 Empty instinctive combatives 5

    Post by kaarl on Tue Oct 14, 2008 5:34 pm

    This new clip looks at accelerating through the strike, Iíve seen too many people stuck on one spot and not truly using forward drive when they strike, thereís a small explanation of the open hand hook and itís shown pre-emptively and in fight through scenarios with the padded assailant, with clips showing other driving strikes
    Thereís 2 clips showing me teaching (mol) hooks and stepping through, it was the first time he had tried the open hand, heís a very natural hitter(from years of training punches) and also in the second session showing the way I try to launch my bodyweight in every strike
    Iíve found that regardless of how you strike once you get to a certain point in your ability you can test out new ways or seeing how they can be added to what youíre already doing. But I think itís best to let your own body find its own way, that takes many hours training, and thousands of reps, and listening to the right people, and always keep an open mind

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