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    Birmingham Traditional Japanese Ju Jitsu


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    Birmingham Traditional Japanese Ju Jitsu Empty Birmingham Traditional Japanese Ju Jitsu

    Post by Davey on Sat Oct 25, 2008 1:42 am

    Birmingham Traditional Japanese Ju Jitsu

    RYR Traditional Ju-Jitsu at its best!

    Students must be 15 years old and above.

    Mondays Time: 8.00pm - 9:30pm
    Fridays Time: 8.00pm - 9.00pm.
    Price: 4.00 per lesson

    .: Ju-Jitsu involves :.

    Ground Fighting (Grappling)

    .: Weaponry Includes :.


    We are a small club formed 17 years ago in the Washwood Heath area by Sensei Jim Hunt.

    Sensei Jim Hunt started off as a Martial Artist by studying Judo, after a brief spell with boxing as a young boy. As a student of Judo he competed for Birmingham Schools im many major competitions. Sadly the Judo club he attended closed down. Following on from Judo, Sensei Hunt studied Shukokai Karate for a while, training under Sensei Eddie Daniels for about 5 years where he became Midland Area Light Weight Champion. It was the emphasis on competitions in Karate that led to Sensei Hunt giving up the art and moving into Ju Jitsu. Now over 20 years later, he runs 4 separate classes each week.

    Traditional style of Ju-Jitsu is practised called Ronin Yudansha Ryu (RYR for short)

    The founder of RYR, Mr John Steadman is known world wide.

    The clubs senior instructor, Sensei Jim Hunt has a total of 40 years martial arts experience, and is a qualified instructor and also a member of the British Ju Jitsu Association.

    The club is open to all newcomers; young and old, male and female.
    The art of Ju Jitsu art will suit every type of person but like most things in life,
    you will reap what you sow. The greatest benefits will only be had by those who are
    dedicated and train hard!

    There is a belt grading syllabus system, but we are not a grade orientated club
    (Remember the belt doesn't make the person)

    For more information please pop into the lesson or Email us from the website link above.

    The Club is at two locations, St Marks Church Sports Hall in washwood Heath, and Willclare sports centre in Sheldon

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