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    Testimonial For Bob Spour USP Masterclass By Tony Terranova


    Testimonial For Bob Spour USP Masterclass By Tony Terranova Empty Testimonial For Bob Spour USP Masterclass By Tony Terranova

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    Testimonial – 22 November 2008
    Re: Bob Spour Ultimate Self Protection (USP) Masterclasses
    By: Tony Terranova (BCA 3rd Dan) and Co-Founder Fighting Fit Martial Arts

    Bob Spour’s USP (ultimate self protection) course provides certain unique characteristics that benefit both the experienced and inexperienced martial artist. The core of the sessions is based on seamlessly integrating NLP (neuro linguistic programming) with combat techniques which are stripped down to bare practical and effective essentials.

    Each of the six (6) sessions on the level 1 course has a specific NLP and combat drill theme. For example; one (1) session may cover doubt and fear and how to use NLP to overcome these debilitating feelings; at the same session a combat drill is practiced based on one (1) only effective (and relatively easy) to master technique (palm heel strike). The NLP and combat drills are integrated to help the student understand that combat is based on movement; that is movement of the body and movement of the mind (a change of state).

    For those with little or no combat - martial arts experience the sessions provide a short cut to learning the few practical and effective techniques that actually work in combat. For the experienced the class is a reminder of the need to keep things simple and effective. The emphasis of Bob’s drill demonstrations is on delivering effective techniques by using economical and correct body mechanics. The Level One Practitioner course covers the following practical aspects of combat;

    • Awareness and Threat Evaluation
    • Commentary Walking
    • Open Hand Techniques
    • Effective Elbows and Knees
    • Power Generation
    • Grappling and Anti Grappling
    • Blunt Weapons
    • Edged Weapons
    • Introduction to Hand Guns

    The NLP element is very powerful in that it is not just limited to combat use. In fact this part of the course offers the participants with some of the greatest all round long lasting benefits. Bob empowers those who are already teaching to become better teachers by employing NLP methods. He patiently guides the inexperienced whilst allowing the experienced participants the freedom of speech to question and contribute to any of the theories and drills being used in the sessions.

    Every month the student receives DVD’s and notes creating a valuable reference source for future use. The USP level 2 includes SAS survival training in the Brecon Beacons and level 3 is the final selection for instructors and is by invitation only based on election by Bob.

    I have been training in the martial arts since the early 1980’s and travelled to and worked in most parts of the world. For me the course has provided the following long term benefits:

    • Improved my teaching ability
    • Calibrated my combat effective techniques
    • And opened up a whole new world of un limited potential with the NLP

    I recommend this course to anyone who is interested in learning or teaching self protection. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Bob for providing such a valuable course and for all his patience with my many questions at each session.

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