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    self defence and drugs/alcohol

    Post by marko on Wed Nov 26, 2008 7:57 pm

    Hi Guys

    I have a question regarding the psychological/metaphysical aspects of avoidance to confrontation when it comes to potential attackers who are lets say on cocaine/stella artois.

    Because these individuals have their brains in a chemically altered state do you think they are as sensitive to or able to pick up on the elevated awareness/more confident posturing of a trained individual as opposed to a 'softer target'.

    I have in the past been blind sided by an idiot walking past me on the street with his girlfriend whilst on my way home from a night out. Luckily I sensed something before it happened and managed to bob under his wednesday to sunday right hook.

    He must have been intoxicated, there was no word, or eye contact, just minding my own business (may have understood it if I was checking out his girl.

    When he missed so terribly with a free shot he decided that he would retreat up the road with his terrified girlfriend, pick up a beer bottle and shout abuse from a safe distance.

    I guess I was just lucky I was able to react even though I had had a few drinks myself. (maybe it was the fact that he subconciously picked up on me being a bit intoxicated myself)??

    Also I have seen my collegues on the door get swung for by guys who are 10 stone soaking wet. These collegues were 17 stone and MA trained to the eyeballs.

    So back to the question, do these guys really care who they attack if they are so high or p*ssed. Do all of the self defense rules change when potential threats are not sober?

    What do you reckon??



    Re: self defence and drugs/alcohol

    Post by Guest on Wed Nov 26, 2008 8:28 pm

    Hi Mark

    Nice question mate,
    I guess everyone has their own take on this, but I too have been on the end of something silmilar, I think the metaphysical side is harder to grasp but ultimately what we put out in some form or fashion comes back to bite us in the preverbial. Bad intentions come back, as do bad deeds in one form or another. We all try and be the best we can be but its not always easy lol!

    I know there are no set rules in any confrontation as to why they happen as its down to the mindset of the individual. I have seen people as you say 9 or 10 stone be out for a night and be fine polite and having a good time, and then all of a sudden change into a complete Tw*t and have a go at anyone who moves.

    We all know there are passive drunks, sad drunks, happy drunks, and unfortunately aggressive drunks. I now dont drink but I always keep an eye on everyone in a public place who seems to have had a drink or is high on something or other. but this does not mean I just look out for them, its looking for ANYTHING which you perceive may be a problem and give you enough time to avoid it.

    Gut instinct tells me 9 times out of 10 who is usually trouble and who is not, its something you can just feel. most people disregard this feeling as they second guess it.

    lots of factors are always placed into the equasion of the person you are dealing with, drunk, high, stoned, mental state, physical appearance, ( body language etc ).

    I personally would say from my own experience that the self defence rules should not change depending on how you have been trained, and what you do, avoidance, awareness, and a built in S**t finder for noticing the ones who can be a problem.

    I dont think they care who they attack, as long as its just another adrenalin filled rush especially if its in or outside a bar, maybe an ego trip, a power struggle trying to be dominant male and stamp his place, could be 1 of a 1000 things.

    Personally I treat everyone the same, stay aware, stay alert to the situation and trust my gut. if something feels wrong, I am outta there and not looking back.

    Posture and confidence plays a lot in target selection. Walking with your head up, with a positive manner and not looking at the floor as so many people do can and does make you a harder target, no one would want to pick on someone they thought was more of a match for them. As you say they look for softer targets, people with slumping postures plodding along, someone who does not look confident, does not walk with his head held high or does not have any type of ahtletic appearance. Everything is target selection to some degree the trick is making yourself the hard target in the first place.

    Be aware, that shit does hit fan, but not being in a place where you know it is likely to kick off is the best start to avoiding it. if something feels wrong. it USUALLY is.

    sorry if I rambled and not sure if it made sense but just my two cents lol!


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