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    Explosive power


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    Explosive power

    Post by D.Hughes on Sun Jan 11, 2009 12:14 am

    here is an interesting article about developing and training explosive power:

    this should also be applicable to punching power. certainly from a pre-emptive point of view, ie: striking from the fence, or from a hands by sides position. perhaps with resistance bands, or even dumbells if you have something that you can hit with them.

    what do you guys think? think that would work in accordance with these scientific findings?
    obviously mechanics is the order of the day in this field, but at some point, speed and strength has to come into it, and be trained. im currently researching methods as to how to do so. but only within the context of actually training to punch, rather than bench presses and weight lifting in general, if you know what i mean.

    im not too sure if this kind of thing has been tried and tested (or if it has, whether it is proven to improve said area's) but im certainly going to give it a try.


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    Alban Balliu

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    Re: Explosive power

    Post by Alban Balliu on Sun Jan 11, 2009 2:07 am

    I think in a way they i right but speaking from experience i think that before you do any explosive power training you should have some general body conditioning then hit the strength phase, then work on your muscular endurance and then hit the explosive exercises.
    Once you got all the attributes in place i'd focus on blending them all together to keep them going on all at the same time.
    The reason i say that is because we are interested on self protection and worse case scenario you could end up fighting at any time and you need to be fit, strong, powerful to fight and cant afford to focus at one specific task at a time and ignore the others.

    To hit it straight to the point thats the way to go, i got introduced to this type of training by Lee Morrison and i can swear by this and for those of you who have seen Lee in action you will agree with me.
    It has definitely improved my game a lot and i'm very grateful to him.
    Olympic lifts are the best with the barbell for general all over strength but more specific for what we are interested is the same lifts but done single handed you'll know you are going in the right direction in a very short time.
    When i started doing 1 handed lifts i could barely snatch a 35 kg dumbell 2 months down the line i managed to snatch 52.5 kg so thats a living proof wouldn't you say?
    sorry for giving you a headache guys. Razz


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    Re: Explosive power

    Post by JamieHall on Sat Aug 22, 2009 5:04 pm

    That was an interesting article. I have always thought of explosive power refering mainly to the strike and as I don't enjoy kicking I have always worked on upper body for punching/striking power. From what I have heard, working primarily with triceps will give more power to your punching. Having said that I do think it is important to balance muscle groups. It does make me laugh the people who train and train to build massive biceps but pay little or no attention to tricep work.

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    Re: Explosive power

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