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    Street Survival Close Quarter Combatives Seminar

    Joe Hubbard
    Joe Hubbard

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    Street Survival Close Quarter Combatives Seminar Empty Street Survival Close Quarter Combatives Seminar

    Post by Joe Hubbard on Wed Jan 21, 2009 12:03 pm

    Street Survival Close Quarter Combatives Seminar with Joe Hubbard
    Saturday February 28th / 1200-1700
    Lambton Street Youth Centre
    Sunderland, Tyne and Wear (40 mins from Newcastle Airport)
    Contact Adam Dollery for bookings: 07706007506
    Joe Hubbard
    Joe Hubbard

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    Street Survival Close Quarter Combatives Seminar Empty Re: Street Survival Close Quarter Combatives Seminar

    Post by Joe Hubbard on Sun Mar 01, 2009 4:28 pm

    Great turn out yesterday in Newcastle! It was a combination of police, military, police defensive tactics trainers and a few civilians. This seminar concentrated on Street Survival strategies, principles and concepts.

    The first half of the day started with analysing the enemy's options for attacking you. Based on an early, mid and late phase opportunities structure, I explained that the enemy only has three opportunities to attack you from the "Show Down" range that Hock delineates in his Stop 6 Module:

    1) Before your attack
    2) During your attack
    3) After your attack

    Using the idea of whatever the criminal can do, so can I, I explained that you have exactly these same options. However, you are able to negate 33% of your enemy's options straight away by simply getting your hands up. So we started a series of drills and option awareness scenarios that covered how these attack options work to your favor and also serve to negate the three main opportunities that your adversary has.

    In other words, you can attack him:

    1) Before he attacks you- Preemptive Strike (or politically correct ambush)
    2) During his attack- you really tried to defuse this thing, but he decides to initiate an attack which you intercept
    3) After his attack- for some reason, you were unprepared (didn't have your hands up) or were distracted and ended up getting lamped and alas being diminished. These are late phase counters & solutions, many which are covered on my Contract 4 DVD.

    I covered a series of unarmed and mixed weapon scenarios that deal which each part of the three prong structure which took up half of the day. Each one of these drills also addressed every sticking point in the Stop 6 Module. There was an Akido class going on at the opposite side of the gym. These guys were more and more intrigued as the day went on.

    Part 2 of the day began with moving and controlling a body. I showed an addendum to my Stitching Module, which isn't on any DVD yet. Here I demonstrated how to keep a bigger man's body moving as to destroy his base and then went through a series of inserts from less than lethal to lethal. I then had the bad guy put on a pair of boxing gloves and try to strike the guy moving him. This all entailed a series of drills leading up to a multiple attacker drill where one guy is in the middle and then one by one all 12 guys attending would attack. The goal of the drill is to merely identify the overlap that occurs when in any multiple attacker scenario; this was not intended to fend off 11 attackers- just to deal with the overlap and create an exhausting experience for all the seminar attendees.

    All in all, everyone had a great time. I would like to personally thank my friend and student who hosted this event, Adam Dollery. Adam is one of my best Black Belts who is currently a civilian police trainer in the New Castle area. Everyone in his group were more than competent and I was honored to have had this opportunity to share some cool stuff with them.

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