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    Time to say hello



    Time to say hello

    Post by Guest on Sat Jun 14, 2008 12:22 pm

    Hello All,

    My name is craig I am 32 and a coventry local. I have been doing martial arts on and off since i was about 8 yrs old and started with Shotokan, most of which now I have probably forgotten. Other styles have included, Wutan Kung Fu, Boxing, Wing Chun, and a few others. I realised quite a while ago after being put of out work for 3 months by four guys one weekend, this was about 8 years ago in fact I learned that not all you are taught in your Dojo actually works on the street or night club. I started looking around for more reality based down to earth techniques which would work and had been pressure tested.

    I met Geoff Thompson through a friend of mine, and been to a couple of seminars and read Watch my back amongst other books. Geoff is a total inspiration to me one of many and have since been lucky enough to have qualified as a self defence instructor under his fine tutiledge and also continue to train with him I have come to have him as a very good friend with loads of lifes experiences to share and makes time to pass on advice when its needed. Thanks Geoff.

    I have a wonderful Fiance who I have been with 7yrs 4 wonderful kids, who make me pull my hair out, run me ragged and fleece my cash every day of the week but would not be without them for one second. Without these guys behind me I would not be out learning all I am today. Jayne gave me the boost I needed to get out there and start learning from the best and teaching others. So a HUGE thankyou to my family

    I love reading, martial arts, weight training, playing snooker and anything which means I get time to myself and my family to relax and unwind.


    Well as loony tunes said....

    Thats all folks, for now at least
    I look forward to some fun, frollics and sensible debates with a POSITIVE outcome.


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