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    Post by Matt on Tue Feb 24, 2009 2:09 am

    Dear all,

    Just thought I would add my thanks to the many that have said so many good things. What an experience.

    The instruction was great, the attitude was first class and if there is one thing that I will take away it is that each of the instructors, although each coming from a different perspective, had total respect for everybody's contribution.

    At FFMA we have great time with Tony and Alan's training and the balance and conditioning they pass on to us is spot on but it was also truly inspiring to listen to the other guys.

    - Eddie Quinn and the figure of 8, 'just f***ing smash it'...fantastic
    - Lee Morrison's ferocious intensity
    - Carl, who made choking my brother more enjoyable than it should've been
    - Al Peasland who could hold a room, PowerPoint or no PowerPoint
    - Bob Spour, brilliant but he must have subconsciously influenced me to find out more about NLP. I am just pleased he didn't influence me to part with a fiver for a photo...
    - Peter Skillen's session was excellent, really well delivered and I was truly impressed by his assistant
    - Mick Tully, Tim Coppin and Jamie Clubb - enough said

    Thanks for a great day and for opening doors to different thinking, but as I said earlier the thing that sticks with me most is the obvious respect people had for everybody else's contribution.

    Take Care,


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