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    A Message to ALL

    Al Peasland

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    A Message to ALL

    Post by Al Peasland on Fri Jun 20, 2008 1:13 am

    To ALL current members

    We're still only in our first week and already this forum is shaping up to be something I am proud to put my name to.

    I want to send my personal thanks to everyone who has signed up so far and made contributions to the forum - without members this forum is nothing more than a web link to a holding page - a bit like my own website at the moment Very Happy

    I would also like to express my thanks for your patience and support with this site as it begins to grow. Obviously, we are a young site with only 50 members at the moment, so the activity on this forum will be slow and will reflect that - but as we grow and busy-up, it can only get better (if that is at all possible) Wink

    So thank you for joining up, thank you for your support so far, and thank you for your positive (there - I said it) contributions.

    To the Mods and Admins and Resident Experts

    Firstly I want to express my sincere thanks to Craig and Rick for having the get-up-and-go to start this forum - on the back of a flippant jokey comment from me.

    What you've done in a few days is brilliant and I fully appreciate the amount of hours and effort you've put in.
    The site is great and an excellent reflection of yourselves.

    And secondly, to all the other mods and experts who've joined us to help make this site something we can all be proud of, it's great to be surrounded by folks of your standing - truely a privilege and pleasure.
    I know this sounds like I've been on the beer for the past few hours - I haven't, although I am a little dizzy from 200 burpees and a few hill sprints What a Face

    (no kicking concrete posts tonight Mick - sorry!) Very Happy

    So, thanks in advance for all your efforts, and lets keep this snowball rolling.

    One Final Request

    One thing I really would like is for this forum to become the number 1 location for anyone seeking Advice on Martial Arts, Self Defence, Motivation, Fitness, etc
    A big ask - I agree, but whats the point of aiming low!

    I think it could be a great place for anyone, martial artist or not, to access information on these types of subjects.
    The only problem is - we need to be more visible to the general population.

    So my request is if you have any ideas how we can increase the audience, gain additional profile, get more search engine hits, become more well-known, please let the mods and admins know.

    My fingers hurt now - so I will go.

    Thanks again to everyone

    Have a great weekend (I know it's not Friday yet - but Thursday are the new Friday)
    Plus I get to dress up like a soldier and run around a field with Bob Spour for the next 3 days - so have fun in my absence

    Take care all

    AL cheers
    Mick Tully

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    Re: A Message to ALL

    Post by Mick Tully on Fri Jun 20, 2008 1:25 am

    well said al!

    i agree's been a great achievement to get this up and running in such a short time!
    so thanks guys!
    we have the chance to make this into something huge ,so lets take this all the way!
    on a more...ahem "positive" note.....this forum has rescued me from a life of online gaming,exotic foreign type know what i mean...and on behalf of my pc i thank you

    look forward to seeing some of you at the sunday session....need a name...guys....get thinking here x


    Re: A Message to ALL

    Post by Guest on Fri Jun 20, 2008 1:33 am

    Hey Al

    Your more than welcome, mate, and it was my pleasure mate,
    maybe ill get some time in with Jayne and the kids now, and save me getting kickings for being unsociable in my own home Shocked

    Still it was and IS for a good cause.

    Guys id just like to re iterate what Al has said,
    without you this would not have happened. so my sincere thanks to everyone who is on board with us, we have some of the best guys on here, from resident experts and friends, to members who either just want information or want to be a part of something and looking for help on how to achieve it.

    Please make sure that when you pass on this information that you pass it to everyone, we are not just looking for martial artists, we are looking for anyone who is wanting to contribute to a positive place where we can all help one another. No Ego's involved here guys as you know.

    So pass it on, and please, as Al has said any ideas on expanding this, as its sure to do let us know and lets make this the number 1 site on the net for all that Al has mentioned and more....

    And to all the mods.... thanks for being here guys and helping make this place what it is.... something POSITIVE for all..!!

    Dave Stanswood

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    Re: A Message to ALL

    Post by Dave Stanswood on Fri Jun 20, 2008 1:00 pm

    This is a forum about SD and MA i thought it was an online tuck shop lol!
    Dave Stanswood

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    Re: A Message to ALL

    Post by Dave Stanswood on Fri Jun 20, 2008 1:20 pm

    On a serious note i gotta say guys, this site is very good it has the right mixture of people in my book. I will do everything possible to bring recognition to this site and the people who monitor it. And yes we will be the No 1 forum to go to. I have a few ideas bubbling away in my thought jacuzzi at the mo.

    Bring it on


    Re: A Message to ALL

    Post by Guest on Fri Jun 20, 2008 1:38 pm

    Hey dave nice one,
    just send the admin and mods a pm when your idea stops fizzing mate,
    although its probably all the sherbet your scoffing Very Happy


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    Dave Turton

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    Re: A Message to ALL

    Post by Dave Turton on Fri Jun 20, 2008 3:37 pm

    Yes well Done Al .. I will happily stay in the background and watch with interest and make the odd contribution here and there.... I may not post much, but I do check the site every day..

    there are a couple of guys on here I have yet to have the pleasure of actually meeting.

    All I can add is no different to the rest.. well done and lets see where it goes.

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    Re: A Message to ALL

    Post by D.Hughes on Fri Jun 20, 2008 3:58 pm

    here here.

    im not gonna bother repeating what everyone above has said. its all true, and its all good.

    Thanks to everyone, for all you have done, and intend to do

    Very Happy


    Welcome to THE self defence forum Very Happy

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    Re: A Message to ALL

    Post by Nick on Sat Jun 21, 2008 4:14 pm

    Well done Gents,

    All the best to the future regarding this forum.

    Ta Nick

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    Peter Skillen

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    Re: A Message to ALL

    Post by Peter Skillen on Sun Jun 22, 2008 8:23 pm

    This place is becoming the best. I feel the talent starting out has made the greatest start. now people lets get this place full.

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    Re: A Message to ALL

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