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    Definate weight gain


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    Definate weight gain

    Post by Abnett on Sun Apr 26, 2009 2:14 am

    Just wondering if anyone can give me an idea of recipes/food sorts in order to help gain weight.
    I've been 10.5 stones for the past 6 years, eat like a horse but never seem to put weight on. I'm 6'1" and should (according to health scales) be around 13stone

    Since moving up to Newcastle last september i've managed to get to 12.5 stone, but still cannot increase increase this. I don't know how but i managed to put on 2 stone in the space of 6 weeks. I wasn't eating any differently, but wasn't doing my usual training routine. This also doesn't seem to be fat being stored as my BMI has stayed the same (apparently). I ideally want to hit a target of 14 stones. Is this due to body metabolism with me being 25 nearly 26 or what?
    I'm after ideas. My routines will stay the same, but my diet can be changed. I'm stumped. pig pig


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    Re: Definate weight gain

    Post by geordiedave on Tue May 12, 2009 7:41 pm

    Hey Abnett drink bottles of Newcastle Brown Ale (lol), joking aside here's my advice drink a pint of milk after every meal and you will pile pounds on, of course there's gonna be muscle as well as fat, I am assuming your training with weights, but you'll make incredible gains.Putting on 2 stones in six weeks is a massive,massive gain.I put on a stone once in 2 weeks but that was only achievable with using something and increasing my weights and upping my calorie intake which I meticuously worked out.
    Al Peasland

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    Re: Definate weight gain

    Post by Al Peasland on Wed May 13, 2009 10:24 am

    Hi Ben

    What's the reason for wanting the extra weight?
    Health weight scales are not a great guideline in my opinion.

    When I was regularly visiting the specialists for a problem with my feet and ankles they routinely weighed me and I was always classed as "over-weight"

    I'm 6ft and at the time, was training massively in wrestling which had upped my weight to 15.5 stone.
    I have to addd that it was all muscle - honestly - not that you'd tell now of course.
    Basically, I was the fitest, but heaviest I'd ever been, all because the training I was doing naturally added that weight in order to be able to match my opponents. I didn't do any weights - just wrestling.

    So the nurse would say I was over-weight, but the chart didn't allow for fit or muscular people
    This could be the same for you - in reverse of course.

    From what I remember when we met in Wrexham, you didn't look underweight or skinny to me - and certainly not unhealthily thin

    Your body will usually get to the weight it wants to be if you eat correctly and train well.
    Work more of growing a 20 stone will power than 14 stones of physical mass. Wink
    Jonny Figgis

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    Re: Definate weight gain

    Post by Jonny Figgis on Wed May 13, 2009 4:00 pm

    "Work more of growing a 20 stone will power than 14 stone of physical mass."

    Must use that one in class, it's a guddun!
    Very Happy

    cobra kai

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    Re: Definate weight gain

    Post by cobra kai on Wed May 13, 2009 4:31 pm

    eat and train like a bodybuilder, after all there the experts when it comes to gaining muscle.

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    Re: Definate weight gain

    Post by Abnett on Mon May 18, 2009 10:41 pm

    Thanks for the response guys.
    My reasoning for wanting the weight gain is that I find when wrestling or sparring I'm usually against people around 15-20 stone and easily thrown around to an extent. I have the idea that a bit of extra weighting behind me may help my grounding, kinda like them kid toys that you can push over but then return. I know they work by centre of gravity so adjusting my stance to lower the centre of gravity may help but if you make them toys (weebles aren't they?) heavier they are harder to push over.
    Hope that makes sense?

    I've followed diets suggested by bodybuilders but they don't make a difference other than i become sluggish from the extra eating.

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    Re: Definate weight gain

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