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    The fence concept book and dvd, by Al Peasland.


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    The fence concept book and dvd, by Al Peasland. Empty The fence concept book and dvd, by Al Peasland.

    Post by esther on Mon May 11, 2009 8:01 pm

    Hi guys. I have just completed and watched both the book and dvd of the fence concept by Al Peasland. I have to say they are an absolute must for the beginners or more advanced people from the martial arts world.Al describes each section, in an easy to read way, and also easy to watch routines on the dvd.He takes you through all the various types of fence, with some illustrations, which help you to understand also.Included is his humour, which you might chuckle at!!! There is a section on how to deal with the law, should you need to!!! There is sections on where you might make mistakes, which is useful! I wont tell you too much otherwise that will spoil the need for you to go and buy both at a discount for the book and dvd from Al Peaslands website. But as i already said im a relative beginner, and this has helped me to understand more about the fence.Also isnt there a saying " you are never to good to learn some more" Happy reading and watching guys. cheers

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