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    Partner to train and TEACH with


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    Partner to train and TEACH with Empty Partner to train and TEACH with

    Post by keith on Thu Feb 24, 2011 5:36 pm

    I am looking for a partner to cross train with, and teach at an acadamy in the south of France.

    Idealy the person would have some forme of teaching qualification in martial arts/combatives. The venue is very big with all the Necessary equipment.
    The type of self defence taught, will be a reality based mix of diferent arts. there will be a system put in place for teaching genaral public, and security personnel. The acadamy will be either weekend long, or a week long course. We will be getting students from the UK market and offering the chance to attend a fight acadamy crash course. Or for trained personnel to brush up on skills. People with fitness qualifications are welcome to contact me also.

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