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    Anti Crime/Anti terrorism course


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    Anti Crime/Anti terrorism course Empty Anti Crime/Anti terrorism course

    Post by keith on Mon Jun 13, 2011 3:12 pm

    The Anti Crime/Anti Terrorism course will be around a total of 12 hours, 6 hours per day. Giving plenty of time for some free time also.

    The venue is Kudos Academy in Marbella, Spain.

    Date of course TBC. (Mid August)

    So if you are interested in attending a world class course, in tandem with a weekend break in lovely Marbella, show your interest by 'intending' here. Or email here It is with no obligation and we will simply be able to keep interested parties informed.

    we will also be organising this event in association with another combatives group -

    This course promises to be very comprehensive, with four instructors. CPP have over a decades actual experience in serious crime, gang culture & civilian interaction agressively with terrorists. PDS are ex-military with operational experience in war zones. Together, we form a comprehensive package that is highly useful to civilians & Law enforcement/military alike. These courses are very popular among business types travelling over seas. However the course can benefit all.

    The course will be around a total of 18 hours, 6 hours per day. giving plenty of time for free time from the afternoon onwards.

    Sample of course content:

    *Bats/Edged Weapons/Small Arms Safety
    *Defining Terrorism
    *Critical Awareness
    *Terrorist Types
    *Terrorist Strategies
    *Tactical Objectives
    *Target Selection
    *Terrorist Surveillance
    *Sequences of Attacks
    *Predicting Attacks
    *Terrorist TACOPS
    *Suicide or Martyr Attacks
    *Plane Attacks
    *Maritime Attacks
    *First Aid

    Realising lots of Anti-Terrorism courses are theory, we include a manual in-course, covering our subject matter in great detail. In addition we have around 20 different scenarios. Taught within a highly realistic, graphic, manner. Anything less doesn't interest us.

    As this is a specialist course, looking at the extreme actions of humanity, we aim to keep the pressure on you. Mentally & experientially. This is a serious subject, going far beyond general street protection. Upon completion of the course you will receive a certificate.

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