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    Post by control-defence on Mon Feb 28, 2011 10:26 pm

    You always wanted to learn self-defence.
    Learn everything you need in 5 courses.

    Most people believe it takes years to learn self-defence. It doesn’t. Soldiers and police learn it in just days or weeks, and so can you. Jim Wagner’s proven modern self-defence system Reality-Based Personal Protection has been used by elite police and military teams worldwide for over a decade. But, don’t let that intimidate you. This civilian version is exactly what you need to protect yourself and loved ones against today’s crime and terrorism. No previous martial arts training is required, and every technique can be mastered in just five minutes. After that it's up to you to practice it to make it "muscle memory."

    Jim Wagner will be visiting the UK on the 25th - 29th July 2011 to run a Level 1 course which comprises of:-

    • DAY 1: Defensive Tactics
    • DAY 2: Ground Survival
    • DAY 3: Knife Survival
    • DAY 4: Crime Survival
    • DAY 5: Terrorism Survival

    Please email me for details on how to book your place.

    These courses are open to anyone wanting to learn modern realistic self-defence. You are not required to take them all in one week, or in order that they appear. Our system is modular, and based upon your own needs. Each course is approximately 8 hours in duration with two 15 minute breaks and a 1 hour lunch break.

    Becoming a Reality-Based Instructor

    If you would like to become a certified Jim Wagner Reality-Based Personal Protection instructor then Level 1 is your first step. Once you complete all 5 Level 1 courses, provided you can properly perform and demonstrate each technique and training method that you learned during each course, you will be granted Apprentice Instructor status. As such, you will have the authority to teach Level 1 courses 1 to 5, be listed as an official Jim Wagner Reality-Based Personal Protection instructor on our official website, and be allowed to post the Jim Wagner Reality-Based Personal Protection logo on your own website showing the world that you are endorsed by Jim Wagner.

    By becoming a Jim Wagner Reality-Based Personal Protection Apprentice Instructor you are not required to teach the system, although we highly recommend it for your loved ones, associates, and customers in order to provide them with an effective, proven, self-defence system. Many instructors worldwide obtain an instructor certificate simply for their professional resume, to augment their current curriculum, or to teach the system exclusively. In our system you have the freedom to do as you wish as long as it is ethical, moral, and legal.

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