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    Silat : the way of the warrior


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    Silat : the way of the warrior Empty Silat : the way of the warrior

    Post by ariapersanta on Mon Sep 12, 2011 1:30 pm

    The Way Of The Warrior

    Malay are an ancient race of the Archipelego, world renown for the spirit and culture,
    Henry the Black or Enrique or his malay name Panglima Awang is the first captain to circle the globe,
    even though his achivement did not reconise by the west but his name is proudly spoken ni the Malay world.
    Another aspect that make Malay a once feard and respectable race is the way of the warrior an un written code that proudly embrace by all malay. What actualy is this code? with respect it is very similar to the famous Japanese creed The Code Of Bushido but unique in its own way , similar but difrent.
    Malay art of warrior is Silat, in the veiw of un trained ayes it is just a plain martial art or an art of combat. but more than that silat is the way of life the very soul an root of malay race itself. One who embrace silat is consider true malay, a malay man who does not know silat is consider an outsider or uncomplete malay.
    Nowadays silat is consider by most malay an out of date custom, worn and tatterd by time, morden malay denounce silat with various so called reason, the most famous of all is ' what fare guns with fist' and ' who will fight with blade in the era of nuclear bom' so it is sad to see an institution of culture, honor and self confident fades away by the so called mordenazation .
    Is it true that silat is no longer relevant in the morden age?
    The answer varied from a person to another, but to us as direct lineage of this ancient art it stll relevant, let us put it into prespective so all can consider it with the logical mind.
    The Way of the warrrior in silat does not only teach about martial art, how to throw kick and punch, how to lock and throw enemies, but the basic is to teach on how to be a modest better person. The true silat mastery teach 'adab' and 'adat' that tied a student to an un written law to make them a better human.
    what is adab? litteraly translated into manners, a pesilat ( a student of silat) are bound by silat law to respect elders, piers teachers,and parents. a pesilat also bound by the law of Islam. The adat or culture on clothing and other aspect of silat teaching can truly does wonders to ones personalities.
    That is the spiritual element of silat, how about the phisical aspect ?
    Silat has endure rigourus chalange for more than 2 millenium, it has enconter thousand of war, upholding and destroying hundred of kingdom so the efectiveness of silat as martial art cannot be denies. but does is realy matters ?
    It maters, lets put you in a situation,
    you are a proud man of the family, you have your lovely wife and sweet tenage daughter, as a sucessfull person you have a big house fill with all that the morden world had to offer. A group of despered men suddenly able to broke into the tight morden security system you have, you are faced with 8 armed with blade man, despered enough to kill, suddenly they have a change of mind, insted of money and other valueble they set their ayes on your loved ones... what are you going to do?
    1. Stand and watch as they do what they pleased with your wife and daughter?
    2. Fight and die?
    This situation does applies to a pesilat trhe surviving chance are far greater, it is not our intention to put the law enforcer behind but with the ratio of 1:6000 can the police force really be there for you?
    so we have put some prespective into veiw, please open your mind and soul and think for awhile

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