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    Self Defence Seminar Review

    Jamie Clubb
    Jamie Clubb

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    Self Defence Seminar Review Empty Self Defence Seminar Review

    Post by Jamie Clubb on Sun Mar 08, 2009 5:23 pm

    Sorry for the delay guys, but I am still writing the review on the self defence seminar. Bob Sykes has agreed to publish it in MAI. I will need plenty of photos if anyone could send them over.

    Seeing as the seminar was spawned by this forum I thought it would be appropriate that admin and members should be the first to read the first draft and make suggestions, edits etc. So here's the idea I would like to dump in the proverbial bowl and see how it flushes: I post the complete article on here, you make it a sticky for an agreed length of time, I edit it and then send it off to MAI.

    My address for comments and photos is

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