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    Review of Al Peaslands Restriction Training dvd and Effective Pre-emptive dvd


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    Review of Al Peaslands Restriction Training dvd and Effective Pre-emptive dvd

    Post by esther on Sun Aug 23, 2009 12:34 pm

    Review of Al Peaslands Restriction Training and Effective Pre-emptive dvds.

    Once again Al Peasland has excelled in his explanations and instructional step by step methods included in these dvds.They are put simply and are easy to understand, so benefitting the beginner or more advanced martial artist.
    The effective pre-emptive dvd, is about learning the skills and mechanics required to achieve an effective pre-emptive strike and how to improve on power, accuracy and speed.Some people prefer punches, slaps, elbows, all of these things and more are included in the effective pre-emptive dvd.Also included is the technique behind hitting first, if you are in such a situation that you really cant walk away.

    The restriction training dvd, helps to explain a variety of restriction techniques on developing massive power in short range punching.Along with staying relaxed, punching when your back is against a wall, or from the ground, restricting your movements in different situations also including focus and intent.Using these methods will help prepare you for real life situations.

    Both of these dvds are a follow on from the popular Fence concepts dvd and book.Improving your knowledge, power and technique they are a must from beginners to advanced.

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